AVA Community Treasury
Terms of Service

Please note that while we do not anticipate such a situation, Jadu may determine to allocate funds from the Community Treasury differently than the outcome of any community vote. The Community Treasury program may be cancelled and funds reallocated by Jadu for any purpose at any time, in Jadu's sole discretion. Grant awardees will be required to agree to terms concerning their use of the funds, the content of the project and other matters as a condition to receipt of the grant.

Jadu is continually developing concepts, content and features, both internally and with other parties. These developments may be similar or identical to one or more concepts, designs or other content in your submitted proposal. Jadu will have no obligation to limit or modify the scope of its past, present or future developments and exploitation thereof because of any such common element(s) with your proposal, nor will Jadu have any liability to you with respect to such developments or exploitation.

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